Lacto-Fermentation Starters

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    Natural culturing starters for kombucha, dairy products, bread and vegetables.

    Source: Weston A Price Shopping Guide 2012

On the Coffs Coast...

    For soft and hard cheese, enzymes, rennet, cultures and cheese making classes, visit The Cheesemaking Workshop at Emerald Beach.

    Natural starter cultures, for kombucha, kefir, bread and vegetables are only available online. Natural culturing starters for kombucha scoby’s and kefir grains and detailed instructions are available from Doms. Delivery of fresh, live, ready-for-use kefir grains within Australia are shipped by Express Post Australia.

    There is a Kefir starter grains resource List for NSW that is useful in sourcing this product online. Also view a recipe for creating a Sourdough Starter.

    Why not learn How to make Whey from raw milk, kefir or yoghurt, for use as a natural culture starter.

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