Nutrient Dense Foods on the Coffs Coast

    Full fat unhomogenised milk (but pasteurised) is fairly easy to obtain locally. The 3 main brands are:

    Barambah Organic Full Cream Milk

    Pauls Pure Organic Full Cream Milk

    Norco Perfect Organic Milk

    Barambah is the best option as we have confirmed it from grass-fed cows, but we have been unable to confirm the other two products. Barambah is available from Kombu, Happy Frog, Cherry Haven and most IGA stores.

    The Pauls & Norco brands are widely available at most IGA, Coles & Woolies supermarkets & health food stores.

    This database will help you to find nutrient dense foods in the Coffs Harbour area that align with the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) principles of health and nutrition. The 30 Food Categories listed originate from the WAPF Shopping Guide 2012 and are explained in terms of Best > Good > Avoid.

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